What makes us different?

I get this question every time I speak with someone interested in a program. There are a number of
Lead providers out there and they all claim to be the best at what they do. So what makes us different.
Here it is and I am not holding anything back.

1. Awards. Every Year Auto Dealer Monthly gives out the Dealer Choice awards. These awards are voted on by the Dealers themselves in a Survey that is sent out. Until 2013 No Lead provider had ever won the Top Diamond award more than 2 times in a row. As of 2015 we have won that award for the 4th straight time.
2. The Difference between a lead Provider and a Lead Generator. Lead Providers go out and buy leads from any source they can get their hands on and then resell them. Lead Generators own websites that generate leads by using Pay-per click ads to drive customers to those websites. A lead generator understands that if you control the content of a website you control the ability to provide a more viable lead. Lead providers will buy any lead on the third party market. Some even go to one of the major home lenders online and buy their leads to sell those home loan leads to dealers as Auto Leads. We are a Lead Generator. Current have running 500+ websites
3. Number of Leads. We generate so many leads that we are also one of the biggest Providers of those wholesale Leads that the other companies Sell to Dealerships. There is not a single major lead provider company that has not bought our old unused leads from us at one time or another. We get calls all the time from those other providers asking if we have leads in this area and are there any available for purchase. If we don’t have a dealer in that area we offer them leads but they are not the REAL TIME leads and can be anywhere from 7 to 14 days old. We also never sell them leads in an area we have established dealerships purchasing those leads.

4. Real Time Leads. Our system of Lead deliver is completely automated. From the time that a customer fills out the Credit application and hits the submit button till the time it shows up in your email no human hand touches that lead. Doing it this way means that lead can be in your email inbox or CRM in about 10 to 15 seconds. We only sell those Real Time Leads to dealerships.
5. The Word Exclusive in the dealer agreements. We have never knowingly duplicated a lead in that 17 years we have been doing this. We use the customers Social Security number to make sure of that. Once a Social Security number has been submitted then that customer is blocked out from filling out another application that could go to a different dealership for 90 days. After the 91 day IF that customer goes to another website we own and fills out a completely different application is he allow to submit it. We do this because a lot can change in 90 days. He could get the down payment required, or something could have had drop off his credit report. For 90 days from the time you get the lead your dealership has exclusive use of that lead.

6. NO Conflict of interest. Let me ask you this. How can a company tell you over and over they are they want to help you sell cars but the first thing they do is sell that customer lead to as many dealers as they can? So you might pay a low price of say 20 dollars for a lead but that company is going to sell that lead to 4 other dealers. So that is not a 20 dollar lead that is a 100 dollar lead split between 5 dealerships and unless that customer is going to buy 5 cars than 4 of those dealerships are getting nothing for their money. How would you like it if your dealership is the 5th dealership to call that customer in the same day? Do you think the customer is going to be receptive to what you have to say?

7. Fees. This is the one that makes me scratch my head. You have decided on a lead provider and have agreed upon a price for leads. Then that provider starts adding in fees. They call them things like “setup fees”, “Network access fees”, “CRM usage fees” or the one that makes me laugh the most Subscription fees. Here is how we see it. They are not honest enough to be up front with what their program cost per lead so they bury the cost in these “Fees”. On our program you are paying for the lead and nothing else. We give you the CRM free of charge. The price you agreed to is going to be the price on the Invoice each and every month you do business with us. All these Fees charged by others are basically them telling you that you have to pay for them for privilege of buying their leads above the actual price of the lead.

8. Foot to the Fire. Let’s say you sign up with one of these other providers. You try it for 30 days and realize it’s just not for you. So you contact this Provider and get the bad news that when you signed the agreement you agreed to give them 15, or 30 or 60 or in one case as much as 90 Days’ notice so you are stuck paying for leads for that time frame even if you don’t want them. We call that the Foot to the Fire method.


If at any time you’re not happy with the program and want to cancel we need 48 hours’ Notice to turn it off. And the only reason we do is that is the time it takes us to turn off pay per click ads with the search engines. We don’t want to pay for pay per clicks in areas that we don’t have dealers up and running. In most cases it does not take the full 48 hours so worst case is you might have 2 more days of leads coming in but never more then that.
That in a nutshell are the major differences. It’s easy to prove. Contact us for a dealer agreement and compare it to an agreement from one of these other companies. You will be surprised at some of the differences.